Library based project in Eclipse installs two APKs

clock March 23, 2012 13:57 by author Måns |

I almost missed this in my first library based project. Luckily I usually wipe a device clean for the final test before publishing and saw that when I installed the app I got two new icons in the device! In addition to the icon of the app I was testing I got an icon for the library project it was based on. On closer inspection I saw that two APKs had actually been installed. Well, that's not the result I was looking for so off to Google I went.. and discovered not many people had written about this. And none of the solutions worked for me.

Then I started thinking, the android docs says a library project can't be installed. So why was mine being installed..? Turns out the library project started life as an app, and still residing in the bin directory was an old APK which I decided to delete!

Now I get this error:

I don't know why it tries to find the APK for the library project, a bug in Eclipse perhaps? But since everything works as it should now I'm not going to spend any time digging deeper and just ignore the error. Next time I'll start the library project as a library project and see if that eliminates the problem all together.

While sad for Facebook, I kind of agree

clock March 16, 2012 15:47 by author Måns |

I have long hated the USPTO and US patent law. Many (software) patents granted in the US are not only ridiculous but can't even be applied for in many other countries. I read this article today, while I don't really want Facebook to die a horrible death it might actually do a lot of good. Politicians cannot be relied upon to take the right action, the consumers must stand up and say stop. This was never the reason patents were invented in the first place. They were implemented so that companies would be able to earn back research money before a product was copied and also, in some measure, to reward creativeness. Yahoo's patent suit against Facebook is neither.

Patenting obvious (yes, UPSTO lawyers, they are obvious to computer litterate people) methods of getting things done on a computer should not be allowed. At all.

Back when 25,000 lines of code actually got you somewhere!

clock March 13, 2012 17:43 by author Måns |

This takes me back.. Wizardry was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. I have all of them lying in a storage area behind my office, had to get them out and look at all the maps. Got the sudden urge to dig up something that'll actually run them. I think one of my old PS/2 50 or 80 should do the trick; if they actually start, must be 15 years since I turned one of them on last time!

The boxes even have all my old maps in them! Should be a piece of cake! Wonder if I can find my old characters on one of these disks too..?

And as the title says, those were the days. The system I'm working on right now has almost 10,000 lines of just javascript. I don't dare to add up all the C# and SQL code as well.. and it is nowhere near complete..